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CD: Death Breath “Stinking Up the Night”




“Stinking Up the Night”, a Swedish death metal cult classic, is the debut album by the old-school death metal band Death Breath, released in 2006 by Black Lodge Records. The band consisted of Nicke Andersson (Entombed, The Hellacopters, Lucifer, Imperial State Electric, MC5, Nihilist) on drums and guitar, Robert Pehrsson (Dundertåget, Imperial State Electric) on vocals and guitar and Magnus Hedquist on bass. The album also includes guest appearances by Scott Carlson (Repulsion, Death, Cathedral, Church of Misery), Jörgen Sandström (Grave, Entombed, Krux) and Fred Estby (Dismember, Carnage, Necronaut, The Dagger). CD: European import(ヨーロッパ盤)