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CD: Hellsingland Underground “Endless Optimism”




“Endless Optimism” is Hellsingland Underground’s sixth studio album. The music is classic rock with big doses of folk rock, dust rock, Southern rock and much more. Much of it is rooted in the fine Nordic melancholy tradition. The songwriting skills are phenomenal, a splendid mix of great guitar riffs, beautiful melodies and personal and real stories told through witty lyrics. The album features terrific songs such as “Hustlin’ Around”, “Young & Dumb”, “Big Fish” and “It Started with a Teardrop”. Label: Wild Kingdom Records Release date: 4th November 2022 Album cover art (ジャケットデザイン): Charlie Granberg/チャーリー・グランベリ CD: European import(ヨーロッパ盤)