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CD: Hellsingland Underground “A Hundred Years Is Nothing” 《限定盤》




This is a limited edition of the CD that comes with an embroidered patch. “A Hundred Years is Nothing” is the band’s fifth album from 2019. It reached #4 on the Swedish physical album chart and #5 on the vinyl chart. It features terrific songs such as “Carnival Beyond the Hills”, “Strangelands” and “The Blessing & The Curse”. The sound on this album is a big step forward for the band, both sound- and songwriting-wise. You can still sense their early-day folk and blues influences, but you'll also hear echoes of Pink Floyd, Queen and The Doors. Mini-Moogs, Mellotron and acoustic guitars have been added into a perfect mix of great personal lyrics and some of the finest songwriting to ever come from a Swedish rock band. 世界1,000枚限定盤:O-card (CD slip case) + バンドオリジナル刺繍ワッペン付 *入荷数:5枚(2022.10)限定盤につき、在庫限りとなります。 Album cover art (ジャケットデザイン):Jonathan Johansson/ジョナサン・ジョハンソン CD: European import(ヨーロッパ盤)